About the Book – the Secret of Successful Failing


What’s the Big Secret?

Failure has become a bad word. This is the book that straightens out the misconception.

The big secret is that failure is actually a valuable opportunity and often-necessary first step on the road to success. The Secret of Successful Failing shows why failure is a good thing and how you can leverage it. It provides workable ways of reframing how you look at failure so you can use failure’s inherent lessons in support of yourself and your dreams. It delivers a wealth of practical techniques for turning yourself around so you can confidently move toward your objectives.

And there are more secrets, including:

  • Why switching the order of HAVE-DO-BE to BE-DO-HAVE is the key to being happy.
  • How to use the mirror principle to become adept at changing from the inside-out.
  • How to take the “im” out of imPOSSIBLE so that anything will be possible for you.
  • How to take action in spite of your fear instead of freezing in fear.
  • How to increase your chances of success by creating SMASHing goals.

Can you have the life of your dreams? Absolutely! When you know—and use—the secrets revealed in this book, failure will no longer be a concern. This is the only book that guarantees you can succeed. Not because you can’t fail, because you can fail successfully!

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