What People Say

“Gina has a great ability to make complex concepts easy to understand resulting in the group acquiring new knowledge and skills at great pace. Gina is a world-class presenter and I’d recommend her for any audience.”

–          Simon Mundell, Co-founder and Director, RESULTS.com, Auckland, NZ 

“Wow!  What can I say about one of the most remarkable, worthwhile and entertaining two weeks of training imaginable?  Gina is a fabulous presenter who explains and deepens the powerful material she is presenting.  Gina can assist anyone who is committed to revealing their own greatness.”

–          Silken Laumann, Olympic Medallist and Author, Victoria, Canada

“You rocked EO Bahrain yesterday and did an amazing job!”

–          Luay Khalaifat, President, EO Bahrain, The Kingdom of Bahrain 

“I enjoyed every minute of your workshop. I am on a break through point in my business and had a great start at tonight’s event. Focus, do and have is what I have learned.”

–          Marjolein van Trigt, Founder, Freelancers United, The Netherlands

 “The evening with Gina was the highest ranked and most spectacular event we have had so far this year. It has been an inspiring moment for all of us.”

–          Stefan Stefaniak, Learning Chair, EO Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

“The instant I heard Gina give her talk, I knew that she was someone I wanted to work with, her approach is unique in that she has an understanding of performance on a level beyond most teachers.  I hired her because of that unique approach and it has blown my mind, I thought I knew what was coming, but my expectation were exceeded, I highly recommend Gina if you want to break through to a new level.”

–          Cole Harmonson, President, FarWest Capital, Austin, Texas, USA

 “I wanted to thank you again for your incredible seminar today. Everyone absolutely loved it: content, energy, authenticity, all of it. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have met you and have you sharing your passion with us.”

–          Ricardo Teran, Managing Director, Agora Partnerships, Managua, Nicaragua

 “Gina was an absolutely brilliant facilitator. She helped stretch our thinking in every way and had an incredible energy level that was contagious. She took concepts that can often be complicated and presented them in a straight forward and easy to understand approach that we could all digest and apply to our businesses immediately. Highly recommend!!”

–          Jody Steinhauer, President & CEO, The Bargains Group, Toronto, Canada

 “Gina is such an engaging speaker who will get you to see the world in a whole new light.  I am excited about my future and success.” 

–          Tahlia Murdock, President Stellar Americas, Denver, USA

 “Training with Gina has been one of the most exhilarating times of my life.  I can’t wait to send my senior management team to further training with The Greatness Group.  I am 100% confident that that will launch our business to become an industry leader.”

–          Larissa Robertston, CEO, SCO Recruiting, Sydney, Australia

 “Unlike some other speakers Gina’s “Breakthrough” presentation was filled with easy to follow practical step, and exercises that you can immediately put forward in your daily life to help you realize what you have always been wanting.  Her riveting workshop held the audience’s attention right up to the end when people literally smashed through their emotional barriers and them up for success!”

–          Scott MacDonald, President, EO Calgary, Calgary, Canada

“Gina’s training helped broaden my understanding of how people think, what makes individuals successful and more importantly how I can learn to use these techniques. Her training is a starting ground to grow yourself and your life and as long as one is willing to do the work, they will reap the results.”

–          Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost, Managing Director and President, D&D Leasing Group, UK & Canada

“Gina was informative, impactful and entertaining – an amazing trainer. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the course and recommend it to ANYONE and EVERYONE.”

–          Judy Machado, Partner and Vice President, NWG Inc., Toronto, Canada

 “Extremely powerful and practical! Whether you want to improve and expand your skills or just stretch your comfort zone. The course was amazing!”

–          Chuck Scott, Senior Managing Director, Cushman Wakefield, Montreal, Canada

 “Being in Gina’s presence will have you undeniably at cause in your life and leave you with no further excuses as to ‘why’ you don’t have what you want.”

–          Suzanne Hawkins, Actor and Writer, Toronto, Canada

 “I’ve been able to dramatically change the impact I have on my family, friends and clients. I’ve taken more personal development training courses than most people, and I can tell you that this is unconditionally the best I have ever seen.”

–          Dr. Stelios Nikolokakis, Toronto ON

 “Thank you Gina, I got tons out of this session. New views on my inner self and how I can make my own differences – regardless of the circumstances.”

–          Diane Dufour, President, Accurate Design and Communication, Ottawa, Canada

 “Gina is fantastic.  She is sincere, trustworthy, thoughtful, understanding, perceptive, intelligent and refreshing.  She is likeable, funny and direct.  Yes, direct, which is one of the things I like the most about Gina.  She pulls no punches. As the Master of Ceremonies for The Every Woman in the World Conference (twice), Gina was an energetic and lively voice of passion, business, reason and consistency.”

–          Kerri Carlson, Founder, Every Woman Event, Vancouver, Canada

 “Gina’s presentation was riveting, relevant and equally well received in both community settings. Gina demonstrated the ability to work effectively with educators understanding the parameters governing an educational setting and related to our students with compassion and empathy. I would highly recommend her presentations.”

–          Sharon O’Hagan Wong, Assistant Superientendent, Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, Windsor, Canada

“Gina’s presentation – materials and delivery were exceptional.  I have worked in the industry as a conference coordinator/planner for many years and have worked with many speakers/facilitators.  Gina was without a doubt one of the best!”

–          Wendy McCulloch, Manager, Training, Community Futures Development Corporation, Vancouver, Canada

“We were all captivated; hanging off every word Gina said. Gina’s integration of different teaching methods meant her seminar was appealing to everyone in attendance, regardless of her learning style. Her use of humour and wit made listening to Gina a complete pleasure and far more like chatting with a girlfriend than attending a lecture.”

–          Ellen Turner, Co-Chair, WEE, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

 “I am thrilled to say that your skill as a trainer kept this diverse group fully engaged. Although many of your ideas were new, everyone found it easy to understand these new and inspiring concepts. The feedback has been positive all around and we look forward to working with you once again in the near future.”

–          Ruth Douglas, President & CEO, NewsCanada Inc., Toronto, Canada

 “At the 8th Women of Influence and Inspiration seminar for the women in the Ontario Public Service, Gina Mollicone Long led the audience on a journey like no other. An introduction to Gina is an introduction to a woman whose soul captures the essence of the foundation of life itself.”

–          Linda Lane, WOII Seminar Coordinator, Ontario Public Service, Toronto, Canada

“I feel that Gina’s greatest asset is her ability to relate, or more precisely the audience’s ability to relate to her. Unlike most motivational speakers, there is no hint of arrogance about her. Her persona is honest, forthcoming and above all, human. I would strongly recommend her.”

–          Dr. Daryl Blazino, President, Thunder Bay Dental Association, Thunder Bay, Canada